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ScatterTones is open to all UCLA students!

Fall 2022 Auditions Have Closed

Audition Information


Each audition slot is 5 minutes and will consist of multiple elements:

  • You will first be asked to sing scales to get a feel for your range as well as to warm you up!

  • You will then be asked to sing a 1-minute portion of a pre-prepared song of your choice a capella.

  • Lastly, you will have an opportunity to show us any special talents (beatboxing, musical arrangements etc.)

Do I need musical experience?
Can I audition for more than one group?
How often are auditions?
How often does ScatterTones perform and travel?


Not at all! Musical experience is not a requirement to be in ScatterTones.

Yes! Many people audition for more than one group. This does not affect your chances of getting in to ScatterTones!

ScatterTones holds auditions once per year at the beginning of fall quarter, during week one.

ScatterTones have multiple performances per quarter, including both self-funded performances and commissioned performances either by UCLA or the broader Los Angeles community! We travel when possible, typically at least once annually, but opportunities vary year by year.

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